These are a few of my Favorite Things. . . .

When I first learned to tat, about the only shuttles available were the metal bobbin-types made by Susan Bates or Boye.  That was my first shuttle  and when you don’t know any better, you run with what you have on hand.  Then in 2006, my daughter-in-law’s grandmother gave me 2 “modern” tatting shuttles: a Pony and an Aero – one of the old English Aero’s at that.  They were some of favorites.  As the years have gone one, I have tried all manner of shuttles, threads and other accessories to the tatting world.  I totally enjoy the way fine wood shuttles feel in my hand, but they are not my “go-to” shuttles for everyday lace-making.  For a long time the Airlits, Starlits, and  Clover medium and large shuttles  have been among my favorites.  

Last year at a conference I saw Clover’s new shuttles with bobbins and decided to try one.  They come in a package with a shuttle, 2 bobbins and winder that doubles as a bobbin stop or makes a bobbin like a ball thread.  In the event that a tatter has only one shuttle and may need to change out the bobbins from time to time,  the second bobbin can be exchanged with the first and the external shuttle housing can accommodate several bobbins wound with thread.  Leave it to the Japanese to be innovative!  Yes these are Japanese shuttles.  They come complete with instructions that need no English translation because the diagrams remind me of Japanese Anime, they are that complete.  The Clover bobbin shuttle is about the same size as the Airlit and the bobbins hold about the same amount of thread.  So having wound both CTM, I proceeded to tat a bit of edging for the Palmetto Tatters Guild’s next benefit quilt to be auctioned off at Tat Days:   The feel of the clover has a substantial feel to it and while it lacks the crochet hook tip, we all keep a small hook on hand and much of the time the clover tip will work for drawing threads through picots.   The accessory kit comes with additional bobbins and the primary kit comes with an additional pair of nylon rings that assist in the winding of bobbins in the event that the user chooses to use a winder to add thread to the bobbins.Overall, I’m very impressed with this new shuttle system.  In addition to the accessory kit, a case is available to hold bobbins and shuttle housings.  Each user will make up their own minds, but I’m happy with this shuttle system.





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  • I feel the same about these shuttles and it takes a LOT to pull me away from my beloved Aeros. I bought the box too which is really good for keeping mine ‘under control’!!!

    1 Jane said this (February 20, 2018 at 8:39 am) Reply

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