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Being creative is hard work!  This year I have entered into retirement from my primary employment and moved to being somewhat self-employed.  I tat to help keep myself sane.  It gives me a break from having to solve all the problems of my other creative self. . .   or does it?  In March of 2017, I undertook to make an edging for a blouse I had purchased and I promised myself I would not wear it until it was finished. 

Ok, a year went by.  You know I really wanted to wear that blouse.  But getting things ready for Christmas at the Monte Vista was really  REALLY important.  So was  a number of other things.  I looked back at what I had trialed in March of 2017.  It looked a lot like this:

I never intended to make the edging in pink.  Pink is far from a favorite color of mine, but it did show up well against the lovely green and I hoped it would help me see where I was wanting to go with the edging.  Having made it that far, I changed to the color of thread I really wanted (Lizbeth thread “Herbal Garden” is one of my favorites and I really wanted to use size 40) .  I tried with beads, without beads, with 2 passes, with a special point at the base.  The trials seemed endless.  I was getting weary of all the modifications, all the trials, all the stresses of just trying to complete the task at hand.  Then one day it all fell together.  Maybe it had just simmered in my brain long enough.  The finished project looks like this:   Well, it looked like this when the edging was pinned down and before the final stitching took place.  I cannot say enough how much I admire those of you who can sit down and just crank out a pattern or a motif or an earring.  It takes tremendous talent, patience and vision to do that.  Make no mistake, this one was worn to our regular Friday evening meeting, but is now set aside for Tat Days 2018!










And as for the rest of this year:  No new projects until the current ones are complete!  That was my New Year’s Resolution and I’m determined to stick to it!

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