Ice Drops are Addictive!

This is what one of the members of the group said to me in the past several days. What could be more enticing than a simple project that can be completed in just a couple of hours – for the faster tatters, or in a day if the tatter is more exacting, uses smaller thread or is just one who tats slowly. They have endless variety and are open to every variation known.

Lizbeth metallic thread in red and white with translucent white drop bead.

Note the addition of beads and floating rings. These elements add a touch of complexity of design while the metallic thread makes the entire piece sparkle. I think we are all still working on our favorite Ice Drop patterns. I really like how the Lizbeth Metallic thread works up in general. It’s just challenging to deal with as it comes off the ball. I think it’s because the thread is stiffer than cotton that it wants to unroll off the ball all at once.

Thankfully there are the tread balls and small mesh bags that help hold the tread, whether you are using the ball thread directly in your pattern or if the ball is simply waiting for the next amount of thread for your needle or shuttle. These keep the thread from unwrapping too quickly as the tatter works, but also serves to keep the thread free of dust and other particulates.

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