Justice Ginsburg Collar Follow-up

In the several months since we sent the tatted collar to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we have become assured that while we have heard nothing from the Justice, we have also not received the package back. So we are sure that the Justice has received it. Understanding that she is a very busy lady, we feel that when the time is right, we will hear about her having received it.

Meanwhile, one of the participants came to meeting a month or so ago and presented the group with a Ruth Bader Ginsburg doll. These are available in such outlets as Amazon and others. Please note that this particular example is wearing a crocheted collar. Naturally this would not do for tatting Thread Bears! So off came the robe so that the crocheted collar could be removed and on went a collar that while smaller, was a close replica of the one that we had made in 2019.

Thread Bears Replica of Justice Ginsburg’s collar

We felt like it made for a reasonable representation for the original that we had created for Justice Ginsburg and so our group is graced with a second “mascot” in Ruth, herself

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