Goodbye to another tatter

Its with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Leigh Jones who passed away June 12, 2020. Leigh was the oldest person I have ever known personally who was a tatter. I met her about 10 years ago when she came to our first Thread Bears group meeting. She was 85 then and had been needle tatting since she was a young adult. Her work was lovely, some of it created with baby weight yarn. She had never mastered the art of tatting with a shuttle and at her age, didn’t want to try to learn something new. She came faithfully because she had never known many others who engaged in tatting and was excited to meet us youngsters and participate with us in our activities.

Leigh Jones at age 86

Leigh suffered from Macular Degeneration and after her son died suddenly several years ago, she went to live at a local retirement community. I visited with her there, and she was quite open about her vision becoming so poor that she had been forced to give up so many of the activities that she had enjoyed previously. Soon after my last visit with her, I lost touch with her although she didn’t leave the area. Sometimes the restrictions laid upon us because of the health information privacy act known as HIPPA become a block to being able to “keep in touch.” I had inquired as to her whereabouts at the facility on several occasions and even though I was certain she was still there, everyone denied that she was. It was sad not to be able to be in touch with her in her later years.

The tatting community has lost a gifted artist, not only as a tatter, but by many of the other skills Leigh had. We Thread Bears were honored to accept her library of Work Basket magazines that spanned 15 years or more, all carefully bound in cardboard “books” that covered each year that Leigh had maintained a subscription. She and her husband had been important contributors to the spiritual and cultural life of the Swannanoa Valley. She will be missed. . .

Leigh shows off her tatted vest.

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