Super Finds!

It’s not often that I get to spend an afternoon in an antique mall, but today for the first time in several years, it happened. The Mall is a customer of ours and was in need of some computer technical support. The day was busy (good for the mall) and that meant that the computer tech (me) was going to have to wait until the computer wasn’t needed for transactions. Like any good antiquarian, I began wandering around to kill the time until it was my turn at the keyboard.

Remembering that a number of tatting friends and colleagues had found rare shuttles and examples of tatted laces in just such spaces, the time passed quickly as I opened drawers on everything and searched through tins and bins, display cases, knick-knack baskets and anything else I could find of a fabric arts nature. Nope, nothing. Not a single tatting shuttle. But what I did find was this:

2 Irish linen handkerchiefs with tatted edgings

These two Irish linen hem-stitched handkerchiefs show the same tatted edge. Both appear to have been tatted from size 70 or 80 thread. The vendor did not identify the year that these may have been made, but I suspect sometime during the 1930’s or 1940’s. Single shuttle designs, the edges appear to be sewn on discretely.

The other find from the same vendor in the Mall was this:

These designs were different from the others, but were on the same Irish linen handkerchiefs. The blue and yellow designs again are single shuttle works in size 70 or 80 thread while the green design is a ball-and-shuttle edging made with slightly larger thread – perhaps size 30 or 40. Lovely pieces and available for only $10 each!

If you happen to be in the Swannanoa area, check out Buckeye Antiques on the Buckeye Access Road. Their vendors do have some lovely pieces no matter what you are looking for – unless it’s tatting shuttles, that is. . .

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