Very Old Tatting

Our senior member, Leigh had the privilege of having a friend whose own grandmother had created 2 tatted doilies.  The friend loaned them to Leigh so that she could share them with us.  Each in its own way was the most exquisite example of tatting that I have ever seen.  These photos don’t do the piece justice by any stretch of the imagination; they are excquisite.As a matter of fact, I’m not sure how some of the parts of the scarf was created, possibly by the cluny technique, something I have not at this point chosen to undertake.  Here are close up details of the piece, such as they are.

While I have seen pattern that come close to these, mostly patterns on netting, as I recall, but these were so in their detail.  There’s no way to describe how beautiful this  dresser scarf is!












It’s not certain how all the elements of the scarf are accomplished, but they are lovely indeed!  To view larger versions of the images, select that one(s) you want to view individually.

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