We have WINNERS!!

The 2013 Mountain State Fair proved to be quite a banner event for Thread Bears!  Of the membership, 3 chose to enter a total of 5 tatted pieces.  Four of these were entered in the Tatting Category and the fifth was entered into the Senior Crafts Category.  2013MA Fair EntriesHere you can see all the Tatting Entries.  Sherry’s Cross bookmark is nicely framed on a white background, Shonn’s doily is in the upper right while my doily and bookmark are on the left just beneath Sherry’s bookmark.  In the lower right are 3 bookmarks entered by Ruth Bryson.  What is barely visible just in front of the latticework is a 3-dimensional snowflake.  It is entered by Donna Arnold and is lovely!

The judging was held sometime between September 6 and September 9.  I was out of town for Tat Days but as soon as I got back, I ran by the fairgrounds to see how the group had done.  Success!

Sherry had entered a second framed bookmark in the Senior’s division and taken a 2nd place for it:


Very impressive for a first time entry and for the entire division, too!  When I took my own and Shonn’s entries over, I saw Sherry’s other entry, but didn’t see this one until the judging was over.

Shonn’s doily was rather a rushed entry as the piece he wanted to enter wasn’t going to be finished by the Labor Day Weekend deadline.  His meticulous workmanship earned him a 3rd place ribbon.

3rd Place in Tatting, Mountain State Fair, 2013

3rd Place in Tatting, Mountain State Fair, 2013


I really wanted my doily to win a ribbon, but I guess doilies are sort of passe’.  The Self-Closing Mock Ring bookmark was rather like Shonn’s doily: a rushed piece to enter because I wanted as many pieces for the judge(s) to look at as possible.  Nevertheless it took 2nd place in the Tatting Category. 


2nd Place Mountain State Fair, 2013

2nd Place Mountain State Fair, 2013

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