Beaded Icicles

This is how some of our finished icicles looked

Examples of crystal and crystal with colored starflake bead icicles


It’s almost time to prepare our Yule Tree for the lobby of the Monte Vista Hotel.  Our tree is only 4 feet tall and we don’t have the largest amount of tatted ornaments to go on the tree.  But some years ago, our Senior member Leigh Jones, an avid crafter, had a kit of beads that allowed for a number of beading projects.  Among them was an icicle project.  It seemed to be a reasonable way to add objects to the three that were still hand made and beautiful.  And almost anyone can make them!

The directions are as follows:

Materials needed:

  • 1 package Dill’s pipe cleaners
  • Approximately 120 4 mm faceted beads
  • Approximately 120 6 mm faceted beads
  • Approximately 120 8 mm faceted beads
  • Approximately 120 12 mm starflake crystal beads
  • Approximately 160 18 mm starflake crystal beads

Note: use only the very thin Dill’s pipe cleaners or any other brand of fine pipe cleaner. Chenille stems from craft stores will prove to be too large to go through the eye of the beads.  Another point to ponder is that the buyer should not be too surprized when asked to show proper ID to make this purchase.  Also, do not send your 10 year old grandchild into the store to pick it up.  This particular type of pipe cleaner is considered drug paraphenalia and proof of age is required.  I am 62 years old.  My response to the clerk when she asked for my ID was:  which am I proving that I am, over 18 or over 21?

Onto each pipe cleaner, thread 3 of each of the faceted beads in this order: 4 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm. The 4 mm beads should be the closest to the end and the end of the pipe cleaner may be crimped or slightly bent using needle nose pliers to prevent the beads from slipping off. Then thread on 3 of the smaller starflake crystal beads. These can be threaded in such a way that the flakes interlock as you take them up the pipe cleaner. Finish with 4 of the larger starflake beads. You may wish to make one of the last of these a colored bead, again interlocking each as you thread it on.  Trim the pipe cleaner leaving enough room for a bow while creating a hook of pipe cleaner to hang the icicle on the tree.  Voila!

Close-up Blue Crystal Icicle

Close-up Blue Crystal Icicle


See the contrast between various colors when added to the icicles

See the contrast between various colors when added to the icicles

Not tatting, but sure to compliment what IS tatted on the tree for 2013.   Oh    and the Theme?  “Christmas around the World”

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