color-wheelI have something less than a great color eye.  I do so greatly appreciate all those who help me select colors for projects, sometimes I just cannot see what others do.  In a recent Fire Mountain Gems newsletter, there is an excellent article on the color wheel.  The article states:

“Creative use of color has always been a hallmark of artists and skilled craftspeople. Our interactive Color Wheel lets you use basic color theory by quickly and easily determining each type of color relationship. Just follow the easy-to-understand instructions below and add to your repertoire of creative techniques! We’ve also included a brief history of contemporary Color Theory and of the man who invented it, Johannes Itten. Itten developed the perfect visual tool: a 12-color wheel. With his color wheel, it is fun and easy to develop color schemes that work.”

The full article can be found here .

Based on the 3 primary colors of yellow, red & blue, the basics of monochromatic, analogous, complementary and split-complementary are discussed and the article is also interactive in a limited sort of way.

While some of my best advisers have a natural eye for it, some of us have to use a more technical or scientific approach.

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