Decorating for “Deck the Trees”

This year’s assortment of new creations for the Monte Vista’s Deck the trees was made up of white satin wrapped balls covered with tatting in various colors.  Our Tree had grown from 3 feet the first year, to 4 feet last year to 5 feet this year.  Here are Shonn and Kathy as they decorated the boughs with strands of beads, the icicles we created for last year’s tree, tatted garland, tatted snowflakes and a few small glass ornaments and candy canes.



Decorating the 2014 Tree At Monte Vista

































This year’s tree is by far the most unusual, not only in its content, but also in style and appearance.  We are fortunate to have the talents of a couple like Shonn and Kathy, both artists in their own rights, to lend an artistic flair to the tree.  But you will notice that there is one thing missing:  There is nothing at the top of the tree.

By Wednesday after we had started the decorating, Sherry brought the angel her mother had tatted from the Tatsy Tatting Book and topped the tree with it.  The angel is striking!


Sherry'sTatted Angel















The Angel comes with more than lace.  It seems that when Sherry’s parents got married on November 7, 1942, they had only a few days before the new groom was to be stationed at Fort Jackson.  Their Honeymoon was only to last for 2 days.  The first night was spent in Burnsville, NC at the Nu Wray Inn and the second nights stay was at the Monte Vista in Black Mountain.  While Sherry had known about the first night in Burnsville, it has only been a short time since she learned from reading her mother’s journals about the stay in Black Mountain.  Sherry’s mother and grandmother had both been tatters.  It is fitting and a lovely occurrence that this angel has come to grace the Monte Vista at Christmas, 73 years after its creator had first visited the location.

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