New Wooden Tatting Shuttle

Each week when we come together, we share techniques, find solutions to our tatting problems, work out issues with patterns or examine one of the 25 motifs we have been learning.  This week Jill brought a new tatting shuttle she purchased from OldTymeAntiques, an ebay dealer from Spokane, Washington.  It’s a cute lil booger that looks like this:




This image is taken from the ebay site:


Jill brought hers today so we could all test tat with it.  She is very impressed by the feel of the Redwood in her had as she is using it.  The shuttle will take several sizes of bobbins which makes using more cost-effective and readily available sewing machine bobbins which hold a little more thread a reality.  The fellow who makes them has been a vendor at ShuttleBirds Tatting Conference and has gotten some of the members out there to use them for testing.  Overall, it is a little more bulky than the standard tatting shuttles, but that’s not enough to keep Jill from using it.

Most of us who use tatting shuttles are accustomed to tatting by sending the pointy end forward.  This particular shuttle is used by sending the bobbin end in first.  That seems a bit counter-intuitive, but when I used it, there was only a minute or two of getting used to the new arrangement.  Jill also commented on the sweet nature of the tension the shuttle gives the thread.  There are no gear-like stops to click as the thread is advanced off the bobbin.  That makes both pulling thread out and re-winding the thread back onto the bobbin more smooth.


It’s a very nice tatting shuttle and for the price of $12.75, shipping included.  Nice gift idea for any tatter!

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