September wrap up

I cannot believe Tat Days has come and gone!  As always, it was a wonderful experience.  Time spent renewing friendships: thanks Sharon Fawns of Kentucky for being willing to trade that wonderful project bag *handmade* for a copy of the movie “Grumpy Old Men”!  Her craftsmanship is amazing and the colors are perfect for the season!  Thank you Sharon for your willingness to barter.  I’ll treasure this one!

Sharon's Bag

Sharon’s Bag

Variations on a pattern themem

Variations on a pattern the

Projects!  wow!  what projects!  I regret that I could only take 2 classes this year: Nina’s Interlaced Necklace and Martha Ess’s Broomstick Picot Star.  One goal I had this year was not only to get some rest, but also to finish my class projects by the end of the session.  That just didn’t happen, BUT the learning came in bushels.  The Broomstick Picot Star that was finished in class went to a friend once I got home.  Schari Malone, one of the Southern Belle Tatters from Tennessee introduced me to Candlelight Thread.  The effects are quite striking and the re-creation of Martha’s pattern using it will be on our Monte Vista Tatted Christmas Tree in December.  My heart goes out to Martha who couldn’t make it this year.  Her husband passed after a long illness and Tat Days was not on her radar this year.  Palmetto Staffers were awesome stand-ins, but Martha was sorely missed all the same.





Table Decorations

Table Decorations


Diane from Rochester, NY graced the Banquet tables with wonderful beaded snowflakes tatted around glittered star buttons.  There were also kits in our welcome packet that contained the buttons and directions.  Since my packet came with a red star, red seed beads and white Krinik thread made a larger snowflake, but a striking one all the same.  This year there will be one for the family tree and one for the tree at the Monte Vista as well.


Interlaced Necklace

This photo of Nina’s Interlaced Necklace does not do it justice!  Nina, please don’t be surprised that there are mistakes – there are 3 – but I took it all the way to completion in spite of dropping beads, little time and many distractions.  It will look striking against that “little black dress’s” neckline.  Thank you for providing us with such a lovely pattern!

It was wonderful to help Georgia teach a beginner’s class and to work with tatters struggling with techniques.  It’s all about the learning and there was plenty of that going on every day we were there!  Linda Reiff (my roommate for 5 years now) and I enjoyed the campground by the lake each evening.

Praise goes out to members of the Thread Bears Tatting Group for the donations that they offered.   At last count, the earrings, gift basket and other items raised more than $ 110.00  toward the goal of $ 2000.00 for the scholarship fund.  Way to go, everybody!

Because entries to the Mountain State Fair competition must be submitted  the same weekend as Tat Days, some years it is hard for me to enter.  But this year Thread Bears member Sherry won 1 blue ribbon and 2 red ribbons for her entries, all of which had tatting on them this year.    Photos to follow, but Sherry we are SO proud of you!



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  • Thanks for the post! The banquet favor stars were tatted from Sharren Morgan’s twinkle star pattern / class she taught at Tat Days in 2011.

    My goal had been to tat a star button motif for everyone, but ran out of time, that is why I included the instructions and a star button in the welcome bag.

    1 Diane said this (October 20, 2016 at 3:13 pm) Reply

  • Thanks for sharing. The necklace looks good. I’m sure you’ll enjoy wearing it.


    2 Nina said this (October 24, 2016 at 6:04 pm) Reply

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