Tat It And See participation by Thread Bear Jill

For the past several years, master tatters have published patterns that are made available in daily or weekly installments.  Iris Neibach has published this sort of pattern and Jane Eborall has published one annually for the past several years. The idea is this (in Jane’s own words):

“The game is a brand new pattern that I split up into small bite sized pieces and give out every few days. This allows you to complete each part wherever you are in the world and whether you’re working, retired or coping with young children!! There will only be a few elements of the pattern to work each time and you can always leave it to do whenever you like. Oh, the fun part is that you don’t know what you’re making!!! As usual there is no
sign up required to take part and I don’t keep a record except by numbering the final pictures on the last part.”

This year, Thread Bear Jill decided to try her hand at the challenge.  She was the 37th person to submit her completed project which looked like the image here:  The pattern is available on Jane’s blog  as well as many photos of the participants’ entries.  Now that there are more than 90 images and entries, here’s what Jane wrote about Jill’s entry on Tuesday February 7, 2016  “Jill is next and she’s a ‘first timer’. I’m so pleased to see newbies in my inbox along with the regulars. Jill says: “My first time to join in the TIAS, from Asheville, North Carolina USA. Enjoy you so very much!  Many Thanx, Jill”   Also Jill published a poem to accompany the pattern: 

  1.  Jill is next with a very long poem. I can’t believe how long that must have taken you, Jill.  “A clever designer we all love dear; Provided us sunshine in our winters drear. Her tat it and see; Finished too quickly for me. I learned several things that were new to me. A different arrangement of our Double stitch, a zigzag chain for the perfect effect. A lock join in a split ring, it’s closing it doesn’t prevent. Placing a bead on the second side of a split ring, an Ingenious invent. A once dreaded alligator join, So plain and evident. We thank her and thank her, And bid her adieu. Our treasure forever, this Poem is for you. 

From North Carolina, USA. This is HDT “Give Thanks” from Etsy shop Dyed Thread and Crochet, Lizbeth size 20 base. 

Many Thanx, 

Jill McLean”

Aww, thanks Jill that’s lovely.

Congratulations, Jill!  Job well done!

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  • At last count, Jane’s TIAS has 101 participants! Each design is unique with a wide variety of colors and display ideas. Visit the site to see all the submissions!

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