Award for The Thread Bears Tatting Blog

I was pleasantly surprised this past week to receive notification that The Thread Bears has won a place among the top 75 Tatting Blogs!  This means we are permitted to use the award banner you see here now.  Thanks to any of you who helped make this happen!

Keeping up a blog isn’t easy, especially if you have more than one ball to juggle in a day – and boy do I ever!  But Tatting is the one thing that helps keep me sane, so I make sure to work at it some almost every day!  There are a number of us who just put ourselves into sharing the patterns, tips, techniques and images that are what tatting has become.  We hope the pleasure is shared by many readers on a regular basis and that what is shown here helps to inspire others to grow in the craft!

Thanks again!

2 Responses to "Award for The Thread Bears Tatting Blog"

  • Oh, I took that as a scam as they’d got the TIAS blog in their list but not my regular one. In fact I wrote to them and told them that the list had got some blogs on that hadn’t been updated in a year or more!!!

    1 Jane said this (August 7, 2017 at 6:21 am) Reply

    • Jane, I’ve seen this on several other sites and the fellow was quite nice about it all when I addressed him about it. So all in all, I supposed it would be nice. There probably aren’t 75 Tatting sites around. You could embed in a site you think more worthy if you’d like

      2 admin said this (October 29, 2017 at 8:44 pm) Reply

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