Palmetto Tat Days

More of Georgia's tips & MethodsAttending the Palmetto Tat Days in Toccoa, GA this past weekend was wonderful! More than 60 women and men got together for tatting, fellowship, great food and fun! I came home with TONS of ideas and had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people, some of whom I’ll always be able to call “friends” because of the experience. Inspiration comes from many places: the teachers, the location, the group. And so it was this time.

Many of the group leaders had come from not only across the US, but several had come from overseas to join us, teach us and generally help us grow in our tatting experience. Georgia Sietz is AMAZING! She’s got a lot to do with the fact that tatting hasn’t died out! At almost every turn, she and her husband Richard were handing us bits of tatting to decorate cards or offer suggestions for projects. I’ll never toss out that unfinished piece of tatting again! They have so many uses!

My biggest regret was not taking one of Nina Libin’s classes. Who knew? I chose my classes months ago, having never heard of Nina or her beading technique. I heard it was phenomenal from some of the participants who did attend. Next time. . .

Riet S was a pleasure to study under. Her techniques for making daisy picots are truly unique. Any tatter could wish their own fingers could work as nimbly as hers!

Our “goodie bags” were stocked with practical items that helped us throughout the conference! Some of them were everyday items many of us already use. Maria brought Omega threads from Mexico for everyone and enough extra for the Silent Auction. It was a challenge indeed to win that prized item with so many anxious bidders. Some you win, some you lose – but in the end, we all won!

Special note of thanks to the person(s) who made the room assignments! I got the best roommate ever! Linda and I were both first time attendees and we had pleanty to talk about into the night! We left exhausted but re-charged!

Tat Days 2012 will be held Sept 7-9

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