Self-Closing Mock Ring and Needle Tatting

As coordinator for the Thread Bears Tatting Group, a lot of what I revolves around troubleshooting other tatters problems in the tatting world.  For the past 2 sessions we have concentrated on tatting the Self-Closing Mock Ring.  This is a technique that has been refined by the Shuttle Brothers, Gary & Randy Houtz.  Like a lot of techniques, tatting the Self-Closing Mock Ring requires a little practice.  There are links to patterns on the Shuttle Brothers site of course, as well as the books and shuttles they offer for sale.  I had the privilege of teaching at Tat Days with Randy  this year.  He offers a lot of thought provoking skills that can help those of us who teach and mentor tatting between conferences.  I was a little late on registering for my classes at Tat Days this year, so I missed taking his session, but we had wonderful conversations during the conference that let me know what I had missed by dragging my feet and not getting into one of his classes early!

Jane Eborall also offers instruction on this technique  which are also easy to follow.  Debbie Arnold has a simplified version of the Houtz’s SCMR butter fly among her free patterns.  Because it is a little more simple, it’s the pattern I often use to help tatters learn the method.

Leigh is a needle tatter, so she uses a Mock Ring  system all the time.  It had been a while since I had taken up a needle for a project, and so today Leigh hit a snag.  The pattern was technically written for shuttle tatting, but many such patterns translate into needle tatting fairly easily.  My rustiness at it made me take some time this evening, find a tatting pattern written specifically for needle tatting and re-acquaint myself with this style of tatting.  Having made nearly half the pattern in a single sitting, I feel confident that Leigh and I can work out the pattern (or something close to it)  more easily.

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