Where has the time gone?  It was only a couple of days ago that I posted about the vacuum pick-up wasn’t it?  There have been a whirlwind of events and “busy-ness” to keep me occupied since then.  Getting ready for Finger Lakes Tatting Conference in Lodi, NY  has consumed hours of time!  And now I am finally here!

Wish I could say that the weather is beautiful – but it’s rather dreary today.  In some ways that’s really better.  The clouds disperse the light better for photography and harsh shadows are eliminated.  Today I am going up the state highway in search of the local wineries for my Son and DIL as well as locate Karry Solomon’s shop “Graceful Arts Fiber Studio” .  These 2 activities should make for a fun day in itself.GraceflFibArts

I knew flying was going to have its challenges what with all those evil size 15 crochet hooks just meant for taking over airlines between Asheville, NC and Elmira, NY.  So I shipped my tools ahead.  Unfortunately they won’t arrive until later today.  Even so I was able to wow the ladies on the aircraft with my tatting thanks to:    ta-da-da-da-ta-ta DAH!!!     Floss threaders!  While this was not the EASIEST way to make a join, it certainly did not upset anybody!




The hardest part was keeping straight in my own head which thread when through the threader and what came next.  We do that all the time and the effect was lovely.  It was a little harder to keep the picots from twisting, but that came with practice.

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