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My second effort at the art of Huck embroidery

My second effort at the art of Huck embroidery


The project is finally finished!  Last September when Georgia Seitz put out the call for 2016’s Tat Days Scholarship fund raiser, we had choices.  I don’t remember now just what those choices were, but they were put in front of us for consideration.  From the process that followed, the final selection became “Hope Chest” – items that would get a new household started.  The crafter in me began to stir.  Tea Towels would be my offering.  But not just ANY tea towels: these were to be ones that invoked my heritage.

Time has also been spent preparing earrings and hopefully a bracelet for the conference!  I am so excited!


How Huck Embroidery and Tatting go together

I have been studying the crafts of my heritage: We are mostly German decendants with some English and Irish thrown in.  A brief history of the families of the British Isles reveals the connections to the sea-faring peoples of Scandinavia.  It’s no wonder the use of the shuttles (whether for net making, netting or tatting) seems to come so naturally!  Fishing was a major livelihood of all concerned.

Huck embroidery goes back to at least the early 18th century.  From the investigations I have been able toundertake at this time, it’s not clear exactly HOW Huck Embroidery got started, but it had to have been an off-shoot of weaving, because Huck could have only been accomplished with a particular weave of fabric.  Beautifully died threads were carried under paired threads of the more coarsely woven fabrics found in the country side (as opposed to the finer fabrics of the larger urban centers).  As time went by, designs that were of meaning to the people came to be the traditional “themes” and carried meaning just as quilt patterns do.  It seems to have a long history that I cannot find serious information about, but like tatting, enjoyed widespread use in the years after the turn of the 20th century through about World War II.


Keeping up with Tat Days Scholarship Donations

Of course theses towels won’t be the only items offered for auction toward the scholarships to be offered.  Every year there is something new, something old, and LOTS of things directed toward the skill that is tatting.  Some of those who are creating items let the cat out of the bag on one of several Facebook pages, such as the group Tatters of Lace or the Palmetto Tatters Guild group.  I am not a frequent Facebook poster, but many who attend Tat Days are far more active.


I will offer this as a tease:  There is at least 1 tatted Christmas Bell that has gone to the auction as well.  The clear glass bells are no longer manufactured, although lexan or plastic bells, balls and other ornaments are now widely available at craft stores as the holidays approach.

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