Who Needs Extra Shuttles?

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that la tatter should only have enough shuttles or needles to complete the project.  Any more and you never quite get finished.  oh….  but if you are a teacher?  What if you need that extra tatting needle or shuttle to demonstrate how a particular technique is carried out?  How is that concept reconciled?  Or what decisions can be made when your only granddaughter looks up and says “Will you make something for me, Granny?”  

That’s one thing that definitely requires a free shuttle.  So starting with a headband that fits her head, I embarked on creating a tatted cover for said headband.  It was going to be 2 specific colors and with beads.  So the project began with #10 Flora thread in white and purple with #10 glass beads that looked like little pearls.  Going out from the beg

inning wasn’t too bad, but the return trip up the second side involved 2 shuttles with beads and joins both above and below the molded plastic headband.  It was it’s own special challenge without a pattern of any sort!                                                                                

The headband had been decided upon in advance, but Granny felt like a little something extra would be in order as well.  And an available, pretty pink spring clip would certainly fill the bill.  It was adorned with a butterfly fashioned out of size 30 hand dyed cordonet  blended with silver Diamante metallic thread and following Deb’s Gr8 SCMR butterfly pattern , tatted as much for the practice of the Self Closing Mock Ring technique as for the design. 



So I guess I’ll continue to indulge myself with a few “extra” shuttles that are at the ready for that unexpected lil project I didn’t see coming.  Now back to my neckline. . . 


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